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Android market has become widely popular in the smartphone market. Due to plenty of features option and open source facility, 87% of total smartphone across the world is based on Android operating system. Hence the way usage of smartphones is shockingly increasing, more the usage of internet will take place through it. And it need a browser to be connected with internet and to access various files and perform operation. But how can we choose which browser is best for android smartphone? Which browser is safe to download files? These are some of queries that comes in user’s mind while choosing an efficient browser from the Play Store. We got a solution for you and we will elaborate it with proof and factors you might not heard about. It will help you to choose a better product for safe surfing.


Mozilla firefox is the best browser available on the play store as it provides number of benefits to users. It is greatest companion of all time browsers includes useful features and facilities. It is the new way to surf internet and utilise potential of smartphone resources in a better way. It has been picking up pace in the smartphone as well as other gadget’s world like PC and Laptops. It provides you more security than ever before comparing with some of leading browsers. Don’t go on words, just check out some amazing features written below and try it yourself now.

Mozilla firefox 2018 for Android Download

Download Mozilla Firefox

Features of Mozilla firefox Android Version:-

  • You can sharp and innovative under the hood security and privacy in this browser. It keep improving all the product and benefits by providing regular updates to enhance the working experience of users.
  • Reading List, a new option in which user can add website that he visit more often. User can keep his favorite websites in reading list option so that it can be approached easily. It also brings you bundles of shortcuts in order to have edge to edge functioning.
  • In the latest version of Mozilla firefox, Ruby is also available to assist you. In this version, user can stretch the screen in desktop mode and then ruby will be there on-screen to help you with queries.
  • User can access number of websites in Mozilla firefox by using tabs system. It allow user to visit number of website at one time in one app. This is highly appreciable, give rise to multitasking definition of Mozilla firefox. All the tabs will be closed in one click as well. Meanwhile you can close tabs one by one and in one click too.
  • Mozilla firefox browser application allows you to synchronisation of tabs with tablets.
  • Visual graphics of home screen in app are breath-taking. It also brings you pre-defined bookmarks of some popular portals so that user can reach it without hassle.

Mozilla firefox has disabled SSLV3 after some of security issues. Now browsing experience of Mozilla firefox is jaw dropping and improved fluent searching will leave you speechless. CSS transition installed in this application are like breeze for all of us, as it shares some of beautiful appearances while using it. User can also access email account and can save all the history of visited sites and data synced in respected account.

What makes it a unique and finest browser application tool is its data maintaining mechanism. Most of browser application let the cache saved in memory, led to memory wastage even after exiting it. But in case of Mozilla firefox, the moment user exit Mozilla firefox, all data junk files will be washed off from the memory. Hence it give rise to best ever memory utilisation.

Wrapping up with words that if you are looking for a best, optimal and power packed browser, then Mozilla firefox is here for you. Go grab this application tool now and enjoy hassle free browsing right now. For more queries, you can leave a question in the comment box below. Stay tuned for more updates.

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